Mysigt! Lappis offers to all the residents the use of its sauna locale. The complex hosts a traditional wooden sauna. The sauna can holds eight persons but it is more comfortable if you are only 4 or 5 persons. A dressing room and hot showers are available. You will enjoy the sauna with your friends in total peace, because the electronic key system guarantees an exclusive access to the locale during a whole day. The thermic elements are easy to operate and all necessary rules and instructions are posted in the locale. We will also show you how it works when you come to get the access key. The service is free, just follow the procedure below, AND READ THE RULES. Do not complain about the Swedish winter, live it!


Send a mail to You will find the sauna locale at Forskarbacken 5, (map). The entrance door is on the North West side of the building facing the woods. NOTICE: After 22:00 the key is deactivated, so make sure you enter before that time! Please note that the use of the sauna is at your own risk! The Lappis Tenants Association (LOM) is not responsible for any type of injuries that could occur during your sauna session. We therefore, remind you to be careful and we wish you a great relaxing time in the sauna.


When you arrive:

• Take off your shoes before you enter the dressing rooms.

• Start the sauna thermic element. The control panel has two switches. Set the left switch (timer) on 1-2-3 until the led turns on, and set the right switch (heat) on ”4” or ”5”. It will be ready in 20-30 minutes.

• Shower before you use the sauna.

When you are inside:

• Always sit on a towel.

• Candles or other flames are absolutely forbidden.

• Keep in mind that all metal objects can burn you.

• A suggestion: Try to carefully scoop some water on the hot stones of the element. Enjoy the steam – without filling the whole environment.

When you are done:

• Turn off the sauna by setting the timer back on ”Off”.

• Clean the sauna.

• Leave the saunas, toilets and dressing rooms in order.

• Throw your trash away.

• People live in the same building! If you leave at night, be quiet.

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Contact information

  • Chris Brown
  • Email.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


  • New sauna is operational!

    3.Nov.2016 The long, long wait is over! This winter, Lappis will once again have a sauna available for all to enjoy. On November 8th, the sauna reopens at its new location at Forskarbacken 5.
  • Sauna closed until further notice

    6.Apr.2016 We are renovating the new location for the sauna since the old one at Professorsslingan 27 does not exist any more. Until then, you cannot book the sauna. We are sorry about the situation, and we'll keep you updated here.