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The well equipped and popular gym at Lappkärrsberget is called Lappisgymmet. It is located below the house caretakers office in Professorsslingan 13. In order to be permitted to work out in the gym a valid membership card is needed. The membership will also give you access to the cardio room in Forskarbacken 5. Membership cards can be purchased from the board of Lappisgymmet. Only people with a valid contract with SSSB at Lappkärrsberget may buy a membership card and work out in the gym. If your name is not on the contract you cannot become a member.

Membership fees: Deposit for
a key*
Weekdays 06:00-23:00
(Weekends 12:00-23:00)
500 SEK/yr 400 SEK/half yr 500 SEK
Weekdays 06:00-18:00
(Weekends 12:00-23:00)
200 SEK/yr 150 SEK/half yr 200 SEK

*An extra key is required to get access to the gym. The key gives access weekdays 06:00-22:00 or 06:00-17:00 and weekends 12:00-22:00. The deposit will be returned when the key is returned.

Required in order to buy a membership card:

  1. Cash for the membership card and deposit.
  2. A valid tenancy agreement on Lappkärrsberget.
  3. Valid ID.

Contact: Time Contact information
Jonas and Mattias
Mondays 21:00-22:00
Present at the gym
during this time.

Returning of key:
It is only possible to return your key and get the deposit back in the gym Mondays 21.00-22.00. Please try to return your key within 2 weeks after the expiration date of your membership, otherwise your key will be deactivated (stops working) and then we cannot directly verify that it belong to the gym. If your key has been deactivated, you need to take it to the house caretaker office (FB 13) and verify it as a gym key. If it is a gym key you will get a receipt for it to give us in exchange for your deposit. If your key is deactivated and removed from the system (occurs 2 months after the expiration of your membership) it is not even possible to verify the key in the house caretaker office and your deposit has been forfeited.

Lost membership card:
Contact Jonas or Mattias on mondays 21-22 at the gym. We charge 40 SEK for a replacement card. You are not allowed to work out in the gym until you get a replacement card.

Other questions:
If you want to contact the sports committee on a matter that does not concern buying membership cards or to get a replacement card, contact our chairman Olle. You can reach him by mail: If you ask about information that is available on this page he will not answer your email so read this page carefully before sending an email.

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Contact information

  • Isak Wilhelmsson


  • No selling of membership cards on monday 24th of august

    24.Aug.2013 No selling of membership cards on monday 24th of August.
  • Break in selling membership cards during summer!

    15.Jun.2013 There will be a summer break in selling membership cards and returning deposits beginning the 2 of July and ending the 11 of August. IF YOU WANT TO RETURN YOUR KEY CARD THIS SUMMER PLEASE DO SO LATEST THE 1 OF JULY, otherwise you will have to wait untill the 12 of August.
  • New keys

    8.Apr.2013 We have keys again and are selling memberships on Mondays as usual.