To get involved with the music room, please visit our Facebook page.

The Music Room is a music studio for everyone that enjoys playing an instrument. Whether you’re in a band, solo performer or you just want to practice your trombone without upsetting the neighbours, the Music Room offers space, quality accessories and a creative atmosphere - all the elements you need to fully appreciate making music and push your musical ambitions forward. Let your music out!

Joining the Music Room is ONLY possible for tenants at Lappskärsberget that have a valid SSSB contract and member of the facebookgroup ”Lappis Music Room by LOM” Members of the music room are granted a key to access the room for a 300kr membership fee per 6 months + 400kr deposition for the key (deposition is returned to you when you eventually return your key). In order to acquire your key, please contact and set up a meeting with Andreas or Niklas for either Monday or Tuesday between 20:00 and 22:00. We only accept cash.

In conclusion: bring your SSSB tenancy contract + ID + 700 kr cash to the meeting!

Members of the music room are welcome to use the room between 10:00 and 21:00 all days of the week. Electricity for the room is turned off at 21:45 every day. Use of the room past 22:00 is strictly forbidden.

To book times for use of the room, use the google excel sheet in the facebook group. This booking system will be temporary, we are currently working on a more sophisticated system.

One person is only allowed to book a maximum of 3 hours per day at the moment. Please remember to fill in both your e-mail address and your name in your booking slot.

Present in the room you will find the following:

  • 1 Electric Guitar - fender squire Stratocaster

  • 1 Electric Bass - fender squire P-Bass

  • 1 Nylon Stringed Guitar

  • 2 Guitar amps - Marshall Solid State and 1 Peavy Tube amp

  • 1 Bass amp

  • 1 Digital Piano

  • 1 Standard drum set - Kick, 3 toms, Hi-hat, Snare, Splash, Ride, Crash

  • 1 Powered Mixer

  • 2 passive speakers

Also, if anyone is willing to volunteer to help run the music room, feel free to approach us through! We are very thankful for any assistance or input into the affairs of the music room. Keep on rocking in the free world.

Below follows the full set of rules that are needed to be followed in order to have as much fun with the music room as possible!

Rules for usage of the music room. LOm Music Section

Rights & Access

  • The condition to be a user of the music room is to be tenant of Lappkärrsberget student accommodations who have a valid tenancy agreement with SSSB.
  • The user can invite other non-users to the music room (in example, other members of the band). In this case, the user is responsible for his/her invitees.
  • The user must be part of the LOm Music Room facebook group ( The facebook group will be updated with important information that the user must follow.
  • The person doing the booking is responsible (material, etc.).


  • Before access the room, the user have to book it. The purpose of this is to plan the usage of the room among all the users and ensure an equal usage among all the users.
  • Each booking grant the access to the room during maximum of 3 following hours per day.
  • Bookings are to be made through an excel sheet. We are working on a more sophisticated booking system.
  • The number of bookings per user allowed per week may be modified along the time depending on the degree of demand from users in general, and other eventualities. At this moment there is no limit.

Usage of the music room

  • The user who made the booking is held responsible for the room during the time he/she uses it.
  • The user must be punctual and should not make wait to the next user.
  • When leaving the room, the user should…
    • Switch off lights and equipment
    • Leave it clean and tidy, even if it was not when he/she accessed it.
  • In case the user found that the room was in bad condition (dirty, untidy, etc.), he/she should report this to the managers of the group through the facebook group.
  • It is especially important to empty the waste bins.

Other rules

  • Please, be kind and considerate with the other users and the facilities in general. Keep in mind that a music room and its maintenance is rather expensive. If LoM is able to offer such a low cost is because it relies on the responsibility, solidarity and good sense of the users.
  • If some minor equipment (guitar strings, etc.) is broken because of an incorrect usage (rather than be worn-out), please replace it by yourself if possible. This will avoid the next user lose his/her time in looking for a solution.
  • If you think you can help in any way to improve the music room or the way it is managed, please contact the managers of the group. Any collaboration will be welcomed.
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Contact information

  • Andreas Almqvist, Niklas Mård
  • Email.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


  • Music room reopens

    29.Sep.2015 The music room has reopened! The room was closed for over 2 years because the rules were not being followed. Following the rules is essential to keep this great music room open for us at Lappis at this incredible low cost. RULES ARE FUN!!!!
  • Membership

    26.Jan.2012 Membership is final upon signing a contract for the Music Room. This meeting ONLY take place at Tuesdays between 9-10 pm ONLY IF requested to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). See "HOW to join the Music Room".