Lappis Områdesförening — Lappis Tenants Association

News from LOm

New sauna is operational!

  • Sauna 3.Nov.2016 The long, long wait is over! This winter, Lappis will once again have a sauna available for all to enjoy. On November 8th, the sauna reopens at its new location at Forskarbacken 5.

Sauna closed until further notice

  • Sauna 6.Apr.2016 We are renovating the new location for the sauna since the old one at Professorsslingan 27 does not exist any more. Until then, you cannot book the sauna. We are sorry about the situation, and we'll keep you updated here.

Music room reopens

  • Music Room 29.Sep.2015 The music room has reopened! The room was closed for over 2 years because the rules were not being followed. Following the rules is essential to keep this great music room open for us at Lappis at this incredible low cost. RULES ARE FUN!!!!

Kostnix is reopening!

  • Kostnix 6.Jul.2015 Finally, after an unexpectedly long break (it wasn't our fault, we promise!), Kostnix is opening again, starting today! So come by and spend your Monday evenings at one of Lappis's favourite places!

Closed due to repairs

  • Kostnix 20.Apr.2015 We now have a key, but the repair work in the building shall continue into May, after which we need time to inspect and organize the place before we are able to open again. Please bear with us a little longer, and we hope to resume the activities at Kostnix as soon as we can!